What is UsePAY?

UsePAY is a cryptocurrency payment platform that works like an online store for both online and offline business contents.
UsePAY is a useful DApp especially for small businesses.

First, it saves time and capital.
Second, it effectively promotes and provides your contents through major social media platforms.
Third, 300M of cypto users will experience your content less with effort.

UsePAY is easy and convenient to use without signing up. UsePAY can be connected to 102 WEB3 wallets, supports 200 tokens and coin payments, and can be traded without borders through the web interface.

UsePAY prevents prepaid fraud/payment fraud/refund delays by using independent blockchain-based escrow accounts, so the purchases are stored safely.

UsePAY helps you to use cryptocurrency like real assets for your business. After creating the Pack, anyone can easily promote their content (Pack) through SNS.